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How should electric vehicle lithium battery maintain? Industry experts give you the answer。

classification  Industry Information    release time:  2018/01/09

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Electric vehicle (EV) is a green sunrise industry, which has been developed for decades in our country. As a power source of electric vehicle, lithium battery has the advantages of light, durable and high cycle times. Deeply loved by consumers. In the electric vehicle lithium battery increasingly common today. The daily maintenance of lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles also affects the hearts of countless consumers. So what problems should we pay attention to in the maintenance of lithium batteries of electric vehicles?


1、 For the first time in use of a lithium electric bicycle, the battery must be deeply charged, and the charger can stop charging after the green light up. The time is generally controlled within 8-10 hours.

2、 Do not recharge every time your cycle to the battery pack after no charge, but avoid deep discharge (more than 90 kum of capacity) and recharge, which can damage the lithium-ion battery;

3、 It is necessary to charge the lithium electric bicycle in time when the under-voltage indicator lights up in the static state.

4、 In case of starting , climbing or running in the wind , the pedal shall be used to assist.

5、 Because of the memoryless characteristics of the lithium battery, the battery pack should be recharged regularly every time or every day after riding.

6、 If the lithium bike placed more than two months, the battery pack needs to conduct a thorough charging; if placed more than 5 months , its need a charge discharge cycle.

7、 Master the correct charging method. Connect the charger and battery pack first, then connect the charger plug to the 220V AC power supply. According to this connection sequence, the electric spark can be avoided when the charging plug is plugged in. When the power is connected, the charger displays the red indicator light;

8、 To use a special lithium battery charger ( Never directly use a lead - acid battery charger ) , be fully matched with the lithium battery model . The charger current passes through the general assembly to break down the lithium battery protection system , causing a short circuit , thus causing a safety accident of the lithium battery . The charger voltage is too low , so that the charging efficiency is low , and the time is consumed ;

9、 If the lithium electric bicycle is not in use, it should turn off the power in time, or unplug the battery pack from the pool seat, because the motor and controller will still consume the power in the no-load state;

10、 In order to ensure that the lithium battery pack is full , it should be selected to be charged at ambient temperature at normal temperature , so that the lithium battery charging effect is better ;

11、 The lithium battery can enter hibernation in cold conditions. But the lithium bike under high temperature conditions (such as summer) after use, the battery can not be immediately removed placed in the freezer, but placed in the shade, slowly let the lithium battery cooling;

12、 In order to keep the voltage of lithium battery in a stable state, the power supply should be replenished frequently because of the slight self discharge.


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